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Are Actors Lifting Real Weights When Filming Scenes at the Gym or Are They Fake?

With the help of CGI, almost anything can be done in films these days. Actors no longer have to act things out for real. For instance, jumping off tall buildings won’t require actors to be in an actual building where they have a harness when jumping. It can be done in a green room where their lives are not in danger. They still have to jump, but it is not as risky as a jump from a real building. The…

Why TV Shopping Channels Are Overpriced

Home TV shopping channels are still very popular, even in today’s age of internet shopping. However, concerns are being raised about whether people are becoming addicted to shopping from these channels. Instead of taking time to research and read say, electric shower reviews before actually purchasing one through home TV shopping, they just go ahead and order right away because deals are “for a limited time only”. The questions is, are those items really good value for money as the…

How Drones Offer Unique Film of the UK’s Tourist Attractions

If you looking to see the UK from

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A new TV show is set to take your

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