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bbc news

This is a very common and most viewed news show in the country. This gives you the updated news daily from time to time. This show gives both the headlines and detailed news about the topic. This also provides bit international and national news of high importance as there will be loads of incidents happening in the world. This show acts also as an alarm to many people and makes them realize the situation in which they are living by keeping them updated about their surroundings. This show has set a standard to many other news shows and news channels.

It is believed that this is one of the most reliable sources of news. They also provide wide coverage of the recent incidents with video footages and photos promptly. This is one of the ways to attract viewers as it is not easy to get live coverage and photos quickly before other channels. Hence it adds an advantage to the channel when compared to the other competitive Medias. Hence BBC news is famous and most preferred by the viewers around the world. The news is of two types one that runs for five minutes just highlighting the headlines, and the other that runs for a longer time detailing the news.

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