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In early days though cricket was famous there was no possibility for live relay of the game. The only way was to view the match in the stadium but this did not allow people more than the allotted seats to watch the match which was a great disappointment. This situation was changed by Cricket 4 as they were the first to relay a test match directly with added effects in television that led to a big breakthrough in the field of sports entertainment channels.

This was allowing many people to watch their favorite sport from their home itself and gave them lots to enjoy. The Channel not only telecasted the match but also added details and effects to understand the cricket more. Some of the effects that were added by the channel were red line on the screen that marks the LBW of the player, flashes and replays of the strokes played by the batsmen and bowlers.

The detailed commentary in this show added more interest for the viewers who were watching this show as they started understanding the game in a better way. This show is specific about cricket. This gives lot of information about the present and past games that are played by the players as it attracts many viewers towards the show. This show is followed mainly by the cricketing fans and players as this channel is completely dedicated to cricket.

The detailed display of cricket like adding Snickometer, LBW strip and Analyst during the relay made the sports more distinct and innovative for many viewers when compared with other sports at that time. But now all the games have improvised their mode of relay and channels have added more innovative ideas to their shows but still Channel4 Cricket would be the initiator of this culture in history.

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