Dragon’s Den – The Show Of Investors


The most famous business show in the country is Dragon’s Den. This is a show that gives chance for new and budding business people. This show was first telecasted in Japan and following its success the show extended its range throughout the world. This is the show where the young business people should convince six famous investors to invest their money in their proposal.

The six people who are involved in this show are Piers Linney, Deborah Meaden, Killy Hoppen, Peter Jones, and Duncan Bannatyne. These people change from one season to another. The pervious set of investors is listed above. There are eight basic rules followed in this show. First is their personal information should be given along with the money they are proposing for the investor to invest.

It is not required for the entrepreneur to answer all the questions but their actions will reflect in the final decision. If the dragons tell the entrepreneur is out then he cannot negotiate further. A least amount should be given by the entrepreneur as security to the dragons before investment.

The show does not assure all the investors will be investing their money in the business it depends upon how the entrepreneur is able to satisfy them and make them to invest in his work. The entrepreneur has all right to refuse an investment done by any of the dragon if he feels the deal is not suiting his need. The deal will be not sealed on the day of program, there can be changes even after it.

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