New Fitness TV Show will put Contestants through their paces

A new TV show is set to take your average member of the public and put them through an innovative fitness program designed to get people fit but without having to put hours and hours of work in. A good example would be to use a rowing machine and go at a high pace for around 5-10 minutes then rest. Of course rowing machines are quite expensive but you can use sites like Calm Waters Rowing to read reviews and find the best one in your budget. Once you have one in your home you will be all set to go.

Scientists have recently been looking into the issues with “chronic cardio” which is categorised with putting the body through a lot of stress for long periods such as running for hours on end. Most people think that in order to get fit there is no pain no gain and whilst that might be true, it is becoming evident that the pain doesn’t have to be too prolonged.

Experts are realising that chronic cardio could be just as bad for your health as no cardio exercise as it puts too much undue stress on the body. They have been testing people and found that doing HIT (high intensity training) can produce amazing fitness results in just a short amount of time. This will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise to some who do not have the time in their busy schedules to exercise for hours on end.

The tests will run for 4 weeks with their health being checked at the beginning and the end. The experts are pretty confident there will be a remarkable change in their health in just a short period of time, such is the effectiveness of high intensity training.

The idea for a lot of people is that running for hours is not natural, out ancestors wouldn’t have done that and there was no obesity epidemic in the past…gyms did not exist. In order to fight it perhaps we should act more like our ancestors. That involves walking to more places, taking the stairs and having short bursts of intense activity (like running from a predator for example). Among the best activities to replicate this is something like hiking but be sure to read reviews and get the best hiking shoes first.

We at Koekie are looking forward to this showing and seeing the results, as we are all fitness fanatics here!


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