Panorama – Program On Domestic Violence


Panorama is a program that depicts domestic violence in the United Kingdom. It is a half an hour program that gives a clear picture about various domestic violence issues that are taking place in the country. It provides video evidence and proofs regarding domestic abuse. Usually such footages will be taken by the cameramen by wearing hidden or small cameras in their body as it will not be visible to the person who is the culprit and it will act as evidence.

With the proper evidence the police will also be able to take necessary actions against the culprit. This program mainly hears the plea of mothers, children and wives who are victims of domestic violence for a long period of time. This show also helps the people who request the show organizer to help the people who are affected by domestic violence and do not have any proper means to express their fear. Such abuse has to be exposed to the public so that the criminals will be punished in a manner that no one else will have the courage to make such blunders.

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