The Apprentice – The Business Show That Cannot Be Missed

The Apprentice 2013

As the name suggests this is the show were the aspiring businesswomen and men will be given an opportunity to work with famous business magnets in order to develop their business skills by learning some of the techniques that are followed by them. There has been totally six seasons completed in this show.

The prize of the winner will be working under one of the successful professionals for one year and a cash amount of £100,000. This show is produced by Mark Burnett who has done productions in many countries like U.K and America. This program was started in the year of 2005. There is a particular format followed in the selection and progress of the game show.

The first step would be conducting open interviews and auditions for the interested persons. From there 75 candidates will be selected for the next round. Then various rounds of business skills and tasks will be conducted. According to the performance done by the candidates they will be passing on to the next set of rounds. Before the final round a set of physiological tests will be done by the professional doctors in order avoid any complications in the future.

In the final round the selected candidates will be split into two teams that will be asked to do tasks based on leadership, negotiation, team work, and organizing skills. Their capabilities will be assessed here and the results will be disclosed in a board room meeting setup. The winner will be chosen after individual interviews.

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